Iron Man 3 Trailer is Here!

Author: Christina Thomas
Published: October 25, 2012 at 4:49 pm

And so it begins again – in spectacular fashion, if the preview is any indication. The Iron Man 3 trailer just dropped, and with an April 2013 release date, looks like Marvel has already thrown down the gauntlet (again) in anticipation of the much-awaited Superman: Man of Steel movie in mid-June of the same year.

With the scintillating success of Iron Man in 2008 – actor Robert Downey Jr. and cast drove that vehicle through a whopping $585 million of box-office cash – and the even more impressive $624 million take of 2010’s Iron Man 3, you just knew that a third one was on the way. Marvel and the Avengers are ruling the comic book-movie transition, if only through sheer number of movies being released. Although none of them have managed to top The Dark Knight Rises’ incredible billion dollar take so far, collectively they trump DCs overall take – especially if you count Spiderman and sequels.

Iron Man 3 looks like it has ratcheted up the action even more, with more at stake. Pepper looks to be in trouble, and Iron Man is faced with some of his greatest enemies from the past – which eager comic fans will recognize as the Iron Patriot and Mandarin. The trailer is short, explosive and to the point: great danger lies here, and Tony Stark may not come out of it alive. Enjoy!


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