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John Carter, the Pursuit of Wealth and Fortune

Author: Stephen Alexander
Published: March 10, 2012 at 6:28 am

John Carter PosterJohn Carter is a great flick, as he is the great savior of the fictional world of Barsoom, but John Carter's spirit is clearly that of a man who is against the teachings of Jesus Christ. The teachings of Christ are of love, as anyone who peruses the books of the new testament can see for themselves. However, John Carter gave nothing and yet takes everything in his pursuit of war and greed, as such he is a man against Christ Jesus.

John Carter is a former American civil war cavalryman from the southern states who is in pursuit of a cave of gold in the western territories of the United States. His epic quest leads him into trouble when he encounters a Thern, an alien from another planet. After murdering the alien in self-defense, John Carter is transported to Barsoom, the fourth planet in our solar system. He arrives stranded in the desert, yet soon learns he has superman-like powers.

Throughout most of the film, John Carter is in constant pursuit of his riches, the cave of gold. He slaughters untold numbers of people, creatures and aliens to seek his wealth, in a Conan-like manner. His brief respite from the onslaught is only briefly interrupted by his love for the woman the wealthiest woman on Barsoom, the princess of Mars.

After John Carter finally returns back to Earth, the viewer is actually deceived into believing that his love for the princess has conquered his love of money. However, the wealth of gold that John Carter leaves behind on Earth for his second coming to Barsoom, shows that John Carter never repented of his worldly ways, he just traded one pot of gold on Earth for a larger pot of gold on Mars.


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