Justice League Details Emerge: Gordon-Levitt as Next Batman?

Author: Steve Woods
Published: December 01, 2012 at 7:45 am

When we last left the Batman movie franchise with Dark Knight Rises, young police detective John Blake, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, had received a mysterious message which sent him to the bat-lair (was it the same one, or a new one - I still don't know) and Batman was out on vacation with Catwoman. A nice ending to the incredible film franchise, right? Perhaps not.

According to movie site Hitfix, we might get to see Gordon-Levitt's character reprised, and not as Batman's side-kick but as the Dark Knight himself, donning the costume and carrying on the franchise into new territory - namely towards a Justice League movie.

Sources have told Hitfix that we might want to expect some sort of Avengers-like assembling of characters Superman and Batman at the end or after the credits of the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel. I added in Catwoman only because I believe her character could add some spark during Gordon-Levitt's transition into the character.

Someone, after all, has to take the helm of Batman's character if the long-rumored DC Comic Justice League movie is to come together. With its almost iconic quality as shown in its trailer, Man of Steel has the Superman character likely taken care of, and Wonder Woman is being re-rebooted after a lack of interest in the overly campy filming of the reboot once slated for 2011. We've already seen the so-so Green Lantern startup, and are awaiting the introduction of The Flash and Aquaman, both in production.

Hitfix's article, if their sources stand true despite denials by Warner Brothers, just raised Man of Steel even higher on my must-watch list. How about yours?


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