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KidVid: Cinderella (1950) - The Diamond Edition (2012)

Author: Bob Etier
Published: September 30, 2012 at 6:36 pm

Contemplating the state of the world, it must be clear to everyone that what we all need now is more bippidy-boppity-boo. What a world it would be if fairy godmothers chose its leaders, eliminated its diseases, and made us all a whole lot nicer (People say that I’m a dreamer…). The odds that an army of fairy godmothers will swoop down and sweep away our troubles is about one in infinity, so—instead—we will just have to let a fairy godmother take our minds off our troubles with Cinderella - The Diamond Edition, releasing October 2, 2012.

Yes, it’s the 1950 Disney version of Cinderella and it’s packed with magic, not all of it coming from a wand. The magic in Cinderella is its innocent belief in love and dreams and happily ever after, which has given hope to four generations of audiences. Cinderella teaches us that no matter what our situation, it is most likely temporary and if we work hard we can change it—if we take the high road. But that’s not why kids have loved Cinderella for the past 62 years.


What Cinderella offers kids is beautiful animated fantasy featuring talking animals that will clean your room (or the whole house), make you clothes, and be your friends. It also offers one of Disney’s meanest villains—no, not Stepmother—Lucifer the cat. One hopes that Cinderella’s father had passed away before Stepmother got the cat—wouldn’t the cat’s name have tipped him off that something was amiss with the old lady?

Cinderella is old-fashioned compared to many recent animated films, but that’s not something that younger children consider. Instead they allow themselves to enter a world where dreams do come true, pumpkins can become coaches, and happily-ever-after is just a glass slipper away, while adults enjoy Stepmother’s snide remarks and crafty cruelty, the romance of true love at first sight, and singing along with familiar tunes like “Bippidy Boppity Boo” and “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.”

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