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Kill (2011) Channels Saw (Unsuccessfully)

Author: Bob Etier
Published: April 25, 2012 at 4:38 pm

A group of strangers wakes up in an unfamiliar place without a clue how they got there or why. They are being monitored by video and occasionally another stranger’s voice will taunt or threaten them. They discover dead bodies and they eventually begin to kill each other. If that description tempts you to watch Saw again, please do, for you will have a far better viewing experience than if you watch the film it describes, Kill

According to the DVD blurb, Kill is about  “Six strangers [who] awake to find themselves the new tenants of a mysterious old house. Terrorized by insane tiki-men in masks and taunted by their deranged captors, it soon becomes clear that only one singular action will save them: Kill.” Overlooking the “one singular” faux pas, one may find the idea of “insane tiki-men in masks” irresistible. Please…resist. Sure there are tiki-men, and they may even be insane, but other than popping out and scaring their houseguests, their raison d’être is never explained.  

Kill stars a cast of unknowns (to all but each other) who splash blood all over the place and make a lot of noise. They play a group of twenty-somethings who may have a half-brain amongst them, but that’s being generous. As the group explores their surroundings they keep finding two things: more bodies and little rhyming notes centered on killing (as if someone is giving them a hint). They suspect that one of their number is in on this little game and accusations fly. 

The awful thing about Kill is that when it finally ends, it does so with a clever twist. Viewers are left to reimagine the film it could have been if the same effort was put into the entire endeavor…and then to rue the 90 minutes they wasted watching Kill when they could have been doing something more productive, like playing Farmville or counting their freckles. 

Kill was released by Troma (surprise!) on DVD April 10, 2012. It includes two bonus features, a slide show and a trailer.


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