"Moneyball" Not just For Baseball Fans.

Author: David Boisvert
Published: October 01, 2011 at 11:36 am

I've just got back from seeing "Moneyball" and must first say, this is not just a movie for fans of the game. This movie is for virtually anyone who has had a dream of going against the system and the powers that be. Brad Pitt plays the part of real life Oakland A's GM, Billy Beane, with a mix of both arrogance,sadness and loneliness. You feel and see the disappointment he battles within himself due to never living up to being a top draft choice himself at one time. Pitt should earn a best actor nomination for his role.

As his newly hired assistant, Jonah Hill plays the part of Peter Brand, actually Paul DePodesta in real life, and it's also a performance that could earn the "Superbad" star a supporting actor nomination. Jonah has been hired away from another team for his ability to use stats and formulas to create an inexpensive team of "misfit toys" in order to better compete with the big market teams of Boston and New York.

The rest of the story focuses on the battle of wills that takes place between Billy and his shy statistician and the old time scouts and manager Art Howe, played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman. There are many memorable moments that flow from these battles. One poignant moment comes when Billy and one of his coaches pay a visit on Christmas eve to a jobless player and his younf family, Scott Hattieberg, who has been overlooked by every other team due to arm troubles. This scene has both humor and emotion.

Another scene I cannot wait to see again on home video is the initial meeting between the existing A's talent scouts and Billy and his new assistant, Peter. This scene is Brad Pitt at his best. I strongly reccommend anyone looking for an inspirational movie with some fantastic acting see "Moneyball". I think we will probably be seeing it at Oscar time for a number of nominations all around.


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