Warm Bodies: Can Social Media Zombies and Humans Interact?

Author: Stephen Alexander
Published: February 01, 2013 at 12:11 pm

Warm BodiesIn the beginning of the film, Warm Bodies, the director and writer Jonathon Levine shows the inhumanity of zombies as they relate to each other in the real world, and of course to humans with a beating heart.

Lead actor-zombie “R”, played by Nicolas Hoult, narrates that the zombie nation in the movie represents social media zombies. In a quick, flash-back to life before the zombie apocalypse, the film shows how peaceful the world was before the zombies took over the planet. Sadly, that world involved little human interaction of any sort, except through electronic interactive media.

As such, the zombies in the film lack the ability to talk to each other or even relate to each other. The only thing of which they excelled was hunting the living and eating their brains.

The final outcome for a fully developed zombie was morphing into a “bony.” A bony is a fleshless, inhuman killing machine, much like our nation's children who morph into natural born school shooters.

As R shows us in the film, there is hope for social media zombies. With the introduction of vinyl records and a separation from digital music, R journeys down the path towards healing with the help of his new human friend, Julie, played by Teresa Palmer.

Apparently, the remaining humans in the world never contracted the disease of the zombies, which is transferred by being bitten by a zombie. The cure for a zombie, from the humans' perspective, is a bullet in the head.

As Julie's heart gets captured by her love for R, the film shows us that a human actually interacting with a zombie, is the cure for the zombie disease itself.

Perhaps the film, Warm Bodies, provides a hope for those in the world who feel that their friends, neighbors and loved ones have become social media zombies. If we humans just showed them love, then perhaps their own personal journey away from being a social media zombie can finally begin.


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