Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel: New Superman Trailer

Author: Christina Thomas
Published: December 11, 2012 at 6:28 pm

The first Superman trailer was a morsel when it was released back in July 2012; the second is the beginnings of a feast. With the release of Superman: Man of Steel trailer in the closing weeks of 2013, it looks like DC Comics is preparing to further its assault on the financial success of Marvel comics’ transition to the big screen (although the Batman trilogy has been gigantic for them, Marvel has been winning on sheer volume thus far).

Just as a teaser trailer should be, Superman: Man of Steel trailer one was a hint of greater things to come. The second has all but blown the doors wide open, and we still have 6-7 months to wait.

The visuals in the new trailer are breathtaking – which is a hard emotion to elicit in this graphical age. There’s a scene where actor Henry Cavil, who plays the Man of Steel in the film, emerges from a room cloaked in fire; his invincibility on brilliant display. It looks real. with action scenes like this, Superman: Man of Steel has already satisfied the minimum requirements to be a summer hit.

We follow Clark Kent just as he’s entering an age of discovery: his superpowers are beginning to manifest themselves. Most probably he’ll get the incredible strength and invulnerability first, with speed and flight to follow – and that nuclear inferno he shoots from his eyes being the final stage of puberty for the alien hero. After that, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be dealing with any feeble Lex Luthor storylines – although it’s still too early to tell. It actually looks like something might have physically hurt Superman in the trailer, and that suggests one thing: there is another like him on planet Earth.

If we’re lucky, we’ll get one more trailer before June; although I don’t think the studio needs any more help in getting the masses to go rushing into the theaters opening night for this summer blockbuster.


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