Classic Arcade Design: Reborn

Author: Glenn Wagner
Published: April 03, 2012 at 5:28 am

Remember the good old days of Arcade games in the ‘80s? You would spend hours dropping quarter after quarter trying to beat the likes of Missile Command, Battlezone, Space Duel, and Asteroids. What is exciting are the creative minds behind these classic Arcade games are on the Seamus Blackly team at the newly formed Innovative Leisure.  His line up of Atari greats include Richard Adam, Ed Rotberg, Owen Rubin and Ed Logg; a powerhouse of Arcade gaming knowledge.  They have entered the modern version of the Arcade with the help from THQ. THQ who has first rights to publish Innovative Leisure’s games but the savy team made sure if THQ did not like the game they could publish it elsewhere. Seamus Blackley, Xbox co-founder and former CAA, explains to VentureBeat, why he has the perfect team for this project.

   “We are looking at the new Arcade, and 99 cents on the IPhone is the new quarter. People are playing on all these new devices and are finding the joy of the Arcade games.”  (Seamus Blackly)

Who better to bring into the modern Arcade but the greats from the golden age of the Arcade? The team understands that in a very crowded mobile game market you need to attract customers quickly with great games and provide an experience people will want to return to.  This thinking is not new to a team of guys that had to call attention to their games in an overcrowded Arcade market in the ‘80s.  This Atari team had to overcome the introduction of a new entertainment medium and made it a huge success in the '80's.  Their Arcade Gaming knowledge only needs to be updated to a modern form, a breeze for this innovative team.  Blackley’s team can also attract a retro market with updates to games like Missile Command with a Saints Row Twist.  The talented team at Innovative Leisure is ironically going to be a welcome breath of fresh air to the mobile gaming market. 

   Blackley said it best, “It’s a great honor (and a lot of fun) to get the opportunity to work with so many of the designers responsible for the game play mechanics that form the basis of our whole medium. We’re excited about getting to make and release a bunch of awesome games.”

     Those of us who have played these Arcade games will be excited to support our heroes as Innovative Leisure’s games are due to hit the market this fall.


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