Cost Versus Value in Gaming

Author: Glenn Wagner
Published: January 30, 2012 at 3:53 pm

After reading $60 For Next Gen Games Is Too Much I had to defend my Xbox 360. Granted at $60 dollars a game it can turn into quite the expensive endeavor, but look at what you  get for the money.  Too often people look at the cost and not the value of the game.  There is a real difference between a cost of $60 and a great value at $60. To show how this works let’s take this to the extreme. 

Little Johnny comes up to you tomorrow and says, "I need to play MW3 with my friends."  As a loving parent you cave and say sure, but then  the sticker shock. First you need a gaming system, my choice being the Xbox 360, at $199.  Okay great you get the console set up and realize you need another controller, at $49, so a buddy can play. Newly upgraded we are ready to go right? Wait you need the game, another $60 dollars.  With game in hand you drop MW3 into the drive and hit start. This is when Little Johnny says, “but dad my buddies play online”.  You want your kids to have the best so you drop $60 on an Xbox live account.  After investing $370 little Johnny is ready to go and shoot 'em up with the best of them.  Wrong, all of his friends have Call of Duty Elite, playing maps you don't have.  At this point you are so far in dropping another $50 for the Elite package seems like a bargain. Amazing how one sentence can lead to spending $420 and why so many parents say,”no.”

Is the $420 worth it though? I say yes and here is why. I've already played MW3 25 hours and haven't even started the campaign. Even at the extreme cost from above, MW3 has a cost of $17 per hour played, assuming I stop playing.  Gears of War 3 was $85 with the DLC and I'm at 50 hours of play time and just got the next map downloaded.  A friend, HeliXileH, has played Skyrim for nearly 60 hours already and hasn't even looked at any DLC for it yet. When it’s all said and done a video game gives you a lot of entertainment for the money.

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