The New Era of Gaming; Have a Look at Time-Travel Heroes

Author: Rahul Manekari
Published: November 06, 2012 at 6:16 am

You might love playing Age of Empires or DOTA which implies some of the greatest historical events from the stone-age and the classical period of Europe, Asia and middle east. Than you should definitely have a look on this adventurous game, Time-travel Heroes.

The game Time-travel Heroes has addictive game-plays and nicely-designed systems. The player can develop his heroes while appreciating the attractive plots, choose and deploy heroes, and enhance equipment as well as skills!

No matter you are a professional player or not, you can find your own pleasure. You can accumulate Exp by training, get equipment by passing required stages, and progress fast by becoming a VIP player! Besides, you will enjoy the systems like Destiny, Formations, Biographies, etc.

Game Intro : Qin Shihuang got an ancient treasure, and he twisted time and space and brought the historical heroes into the era of Three Kingdoms in order to collect their souls. Also the player will be brought into that world too, with a mission to help those heroes fight against the Demon Qin Shihuang.

In the game, the player will experience the stories of the Three Kingdoms and fight together with the historical heroes. Also the player can develop his own force and claim lord.

The game is all about destiny. By exploring destinies, you can enhance power efficiently! You can open the panel of Destiny by clicking the button of Destiny at the bottom of the main interface (The system of Destiny will be unlocked after you pass the required stages).

Then click Explore to start exploring destinies. Or you can also explore by finding some NPC explorers in the city.

Explore Destiny: You can explore by clicking the place at the bottom of the panel. Once you explore in an area, you may unlock higher-lv areas for destinies of better qualities. To explore will cost copper, and after exploration you can get certain destinies. Different destinies, different characteristics; so equip different destinies to enhance capacity.

If you are a true fan of Age of Empires and DOTA, then this game is worth a try. 


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