Video Games Awards Shows a Changing Medium

Author: Glenn Wagner
Published: December 09, 2012 at 7:15 am

I just got done watching the VGAs and realized that Video Gaming as a medium has grown into an pimply teenager.  Video games have grown into its "teenager years" still struggling with how to be a grownup while hanging on tightly to childish behavior that should have really been put to bed by now.


The VGA 10, as they were called, is in its 10th year of celebrating the year in video games and even gave Half-Life 2 an award as a fan-voted best game of the last decade. But I don't write this to comment on the winners or loser or why this game got shafted and this game sucks and shouldn't be considered for anything - I'll leave that for someone else's blog.  I'm commenting on the medium as a whole and how it really needs to finish growing up to be taken seriously. 

 Press "A" one more time Mother-F@&ker! 

Don't get me wrong I like Samuel Jackson, but really does every other word out of his mouth need to be f@%k?   The "shocking" constant swearing is not what video games are about anymore.  They are working on becoming the true king of entertainment and moving past just shocking game play for the sake of it.  The show took cues from the Oscars with the host entering the video games in only the way Samuel Jackson could.  The skit was truly funny at first but the same joke over and over again was tiresome. The skit became a childish knock-knock joke that your 6-year-old finds funny after the 100th telling but you just don't want to hear it anymore.  Like the Grammys the VGA 10 also had performances, but when Tenacious D is a "top" headliner, you know you have some growing up to do. On a positive note, at least Snoop Dogg made an appearance.  

Video Games Don't Make Themselves     

So with all this effort to make this show "cool" I think it lost the point of what it was trying to do, celebrate video games and game makers.  It was a little off putting that when the Valve Team accepted their award for Half-Life 2 it was simply stated as "16 members of Valve."  There are many people making video games, hundreds on one project alone, just like in the movies.  It's a shame that the hard work of these game makers is hardly recognized.  The awards were all about the best games but what about the artwork, music, physics and people that make these games work? We have the technology people we could have scrolled the names of the Valve members or better yet cut one of the Samuel Jackson "Video Games" and there would have been time to announce who they were and what they did as they walked the stage.  The Oscars may be at the wrong end of the spectrum for a video game award show but at least the Oscars gives awards to all the players making movies happen, not just the movies themselves. 

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