Video Games in the Smithsonian: Their Time Has Come!

Author: Glenn Wagner
Published: March 19, 2012 at 4:49 pm

With each passing year video games gain more acceptance as a legitimate form of art and entertainment. Video Games as art, are taking its next step forward with an exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art MuseumThe Art of Video Games is an interactive exhibit covering the 40 plus years of video games as an interactive art form, from Pac-Man to Mass Effect. Curator of the exhibit, Chris Melissinos, talks in a recent interview about what makes video games art and how this medium is special. He demonstrates how video games are truly a melting pot of art, utilizing a mass of traditional art forms; painting, writing, sculpture, storytelling, cinematography and music. The truly special part of this medium is it uniquely interacts with its audience connecting that audience to the creator like no other art form. Chris Melissinos uses this exhibit to give video games its due credit as an art form.

The exhibit has five playable games that best show off the advancement of game play elements. These games also show off the best of the best in each era of video games. There are featured videos from greats like Nolan Bushnell and Kevin Levine, discussing how they made their great games come to life and making them truly unique works of art.  There are a number of special public events, featuring lectures, concerts and even a family program to attend. 

The exhibit runs through September 30, 2012; but all is not lost if you can’t make it to Washington DC. The exhibit goes on a nationwide tour hitting 7 cities through January 25, 2016. If the exhibit is not coming close to you there is even a book covering the exhibition.

Chris Melissinos has put together an exhibit that will be appreciated by the gamer and accepted by the art world, we truly are in the golden age of video games. 


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