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Author: Elisabetta Bruno
Published: September 17, 2011 at 4:14 pm

Would I recommend Space Marine? Absolutely; it's a fun game, like I mentioned the Warhammer 40,000 universe is very well portrayed and it's action packed. The game doesn't require you to have an overly accurate aim either, like the already mentioned Crysis 2 for example, so if you never played shooters this one can break you in gently. As much as you can deem sinking your axe into a greenskin gentle. You get what I mean.

Would I replay it? I am not sure about that. I am looking forward to the co-op mode in October to play the game with friends, but until then I don't think I will play it again. I have done a lot of the same thing in one run, no need for me to do it again. Even though I find the combat in Space Marine to be a lot more dynamic than Mass Effect 2 for example (unless you play Vanguard which happens to be my favourite class,) I replayed the latter many times over trying all classes. This is probably what the single player campaign lacks — class choice together with the real need to swap playstyle by swapping weapons.

Remember that this review is only about the singleplayer mode. Multiplayer allows for a lot more customization for both looks and weapons and it lets you choose classes too. For a good video preview of the multiplayer mode check this video from IGN. As they put it, "It looks surprisingly fun."


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