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X Play - Game Over!

Author: Glenn Wagner
Published: January 09, 2013 at 8:32 pm

Those of us that love gaming look forward to our daily fix, well almost daily fix, of G4's X-Play. X-Play began as GameSpot TV in 1998 on ZDTV , hosted by Adam Sessler and Lauren Fielder an changed to Extended Play when on TechTV. After the move to G4, during the merger with TechTV, the name was shortened to X-Play as co-host Morgan Webb joined the show.

In its final months Blair Herter joined the show replacing Adam who must have seen the writing on the wall.   X-Play was seen around the world: G4 in the US, G4 Canada in Canada, FUEL TV in Australia, Ego in IsraelGXT in Italy, MTV Россия in Russia and Solar Sports in the Philippines. The show has hit its final level, with no hope of reverting to a save point. G4 announced that X-Play will no longer be aired on its station looking to rebrand its image to "the modern male" and changing from G4TV to the Esquire Channel

The real down side to this is video games lost a huge voice on television.  Sure the show was campy and corny at times but it really kept you in the gaming loop. Not the only option on TV, X-Play was the best.  Th show offering up reviews, commentary, and actually game play of a full range of video games from console to MMOs.  

The show didn't show a video game or platform bias as it allowed all forms of gaming to be featured, torn apart or made fun of.  The juvenile nature of the show,although funny, most likely didn't help the argument to carry the show to the new Esquire Channel - a problem I've talked about before with video games.  X-Play really understood their audience and its a shame that G4 didn't see the point of bringing this show over to their new "modern male" station when the average gamer is 32 and male.  The video game world will suffer a great loss with the lack of X-Play on TV but this isn't the first time TV execs are out of touch with their audience. Such is life, I guess.  


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