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All That Remains: Rock At Its Finest

Author: Kate Derringer Barclay
Published: October 28, 2012 at 4:53 pm

All That Remains is definitely a force to be reckoned with! Their music is made of blood, sweat, and tears that drives a truly powerful force. The band is made up of guitarists Oli Herbert and Mike Martin, vocalist Philip Labonte, bassist Jeanne Sagan, and drummer Jason Costa. They have a heavy metalcore style with some melodic death metal thrown in there.

I'm going to be completely frank with you: I only heard of them a few days ago! REALLY! However, I'm glad I did! I actually found out about them while noticing a picture my friend took with them when they visited Camp Lejeune (it's his profile picture so, I think that he was pretty happy about it). Needless to say, this friend has impeccable taste with music. So, I decided to give them a shot and was blown away!

Their music is incredibly powerful and I don't think any of their music that I've heard is anything less than a nearly-perfect rock song. "Stand Up" is an awesome track off of their album,"A War You Cannot Win" It's a powerful track that sounds like it could be a call to arms of sorts about making your mark and contributing something to society. Another thing that I like is that it isn't profane or vulgar but, is still incredibly inspiring! Philip Labonte's vocals are incredibly powerful and could easily shake an entire room! "A War You Cannot Win" will be their sixth album.

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Click here to see when they are coming to your city! They are currently on tour with Deathklok, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Machine Head!


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