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Best Band You've Never Heard Of: Childish Gambino

Author: Kate Derringer Barclay
Published: July 05, 2012 at 5:27 am

Two words describe this artist: holy shit. As an East Coast Southern Belle, I had never heard of Childish Gambino. I came across him while browsing one of my favorite indie band's Twitter followers (call me a creeper, but, bands tend to follow each other). I had also seen a picture of someone wearing his shirt. My first thought? Well, it's simple: what the hell is a "childish gambino"? I thought it was some Mafia/Jersey Shore wannabe. Wouldn't you?

Now, Childish Gambino's music is FAR from traditional hip hop. Sure, the rapping is there and it's damn good. He's got the beats and the poetry. But, even songs that are tougher, like "Who Datt Pt. 2", have this rhythmic quality that you can still dance to. Can't really do that to Eminem now, can you? I'll be honest, it was hard to sit still and type: I literally wanted to break out and dance.

There are the elements of sex (mostly oral), drugs, and references to pop culture in a lot of his songs. However, he isn't overly aggressive, vulgar, or profane. As a poet, I really respect and love his rhyming. He has a broader vocabulary than the three words most rappers use and repeat in different orders: "bitch", the n-word (one of the few words I don't use), and "hoe". There's also no weird hip hop slang that I have to look up, which is really something I appreciate.

Now, I'm no stranger to hip hop. I lived in Atlanta for over a decade and grew up listening to "Dirty South" hip hop. But, this West Coast hip hop is pretty good! He has the dance music down.

However, he can go slow too. His slower songs, like "Cypher" and "Break (AOTL)", are amazing. His voice literally has the power to make panties drop. There are few rappers out there today who can actually sing and rap, much less doing both well. Childish Gambino does both with ease.

While Childish Gambino is relatively well-known out West, most of us in the South haven't heard of him. I usually don't review artists who are this successful but, I've never heard of him (until now). So, why not?

If you wanna check out his music, click here.

You can follow him on Twitter here.

Click here to check out his Facebook!

If I still haven't convinced you to check him out, this is my last attempt! Ladies, just look at how sexy he is:


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