Feature: Black History Month

Black History Month: Don Trip On His Music

Author: Bryan Cain-Jackson
Published: February 21, 2012 at 2:09 pm

For those who have become frustrated with the current state of music, we introduced two artists last week; allow us to introduce another artist whose skills are powerful. Don Trip’s music has a meaning and his words come from his mind, heart and soul.

For someone like Don Trip, to rap is to breathe. Those who are strong admirers of his music are touched by it and appreciate the fact that they are listening to a sound that has meaning to it.

Although Don is a modest man of few words, many believe he has earned a slight reason to boast. In 2011, he has joined the likes of Jay-Z, Drake and Lil Wayne by taking the #76 spot on XXL Magazine’s Top 100 songs of 2011.

“Every bit of that song was the truth.”

The song “Letter 2 My Son,” (featuring Cee Lo Green) is a heartfelt single dedicated to his son. Unlike many of the songs of today, this one is from a real personal situation. It also educates young men not only to be more cautious of certain relationships before entering them, but also to use protection. Don’s desire to be a good father falls prey to his son’s mother when she uses the child as a weapon to wage war against him.

Unfortunately, this is all too familiar in today’s society. It should always be about the child first.

Don Trip was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and entered the music arena at the age of 16. Now, 26, things are taking off for Don. He elaborates on the importance of speaking to people through his music.

“I just realized that this is the kind of record that lived the longest for me and it’s the kind of record that touches the most people. That’s what I started perfecting; the art of speaking to people through my own thing. I have a moral point to my music.”

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