Concert Review: Avenged Sevenfold Rocks with Seether and Alter Bridge

Author: Tricia Weight
Published: May 20, 2011 at 11:30 am


If you only see one concert this year: Avenged Sevenfold, hands-down. There's no band out there that can even compete with them. They are the musical punch-to-the-face that metal fans have been begging for.

Taking a momentary break from their current Welcome to the Family tour, Avenged Sevenfold rolled into Atlanta to headline as well, a one-off show with support from two of the hardest rocking bands on this summer's tour circuit, Seether and Alter Bridge. The explosive, power-packed performances of all three of these bands made it a concert lover's dream come true. Alter Bridge, Seether and Avenged Sevenfold on one stage; an absolutely epic concert experience.

Avenged Sevenfold is headlining around the globe hot on the heels of the release of Nightmare, which is proving to be not only their most successful album to date, but an album that's going to be incredibly "significant" in music over the long term.

AVENGED SEVENFOLD Rocks! Live Concert Review Video

As much as it is hard rocking, lyrically Nightmare is fueled with raw emotion; anger and heartbreak; intense and brutally honest, there is nothing contrived within it. It connects with people on a very personal level and it is an album that promises to impact music historically, maintaining its relevance. It is also the driving force behind the phenomenal live performance that Avenged Sevenfold is packing, and their deep connection with their audience.

From the opening notes of "Nightmare," through the emotional tribute to The Rev and a fuel-injected, expletive-filled run through explosive songs like "Afterlife," "Bat Country" and "Unholy Confessions," they, and their fans, are a tightly bound unit.

My first experience with Avenged Sevenfold was reviewing their incredible stand-out performance as direct support for Disturbed at Uproar Festival 2010. I had written in that review that it was one of the most impressive performances I had seen in a very long time--needless to say, with Avenged Sevenfold topping the bill, my expectations for this show were decidedly higher than usual. I'm pleased to say that, impossible as I thought it might be, I was more impressed than ever.

And I wasn't the only one excited for the night's performance, as the sun descended on Atlanta and the glow of the Nightmare stage set from behind its drop-cloth acted like a beacon, drawing A7X fans into the pit, the feeling of excited anticipation grew. The air was almost vibrating with barely restrained electricity as the curtain dropped and a rush of fog rolled off the stage.

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