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Future of NAMM

Author: Jerry Flattum
Published: February 16, 2013 at 7:20 am

As the following interview with execs from the Lippin Group and NAMM reveal, Al Pacino sums it up in his famous line from The Scent of a Woman, “I'm just gettin' warmed up.” This year's NAMM at Anaheim was the best yet, and now, coming up this Summer at the new Music Center in Music City, the future begins July 11-13.

At the end of the interview is more info and a video offering a sneak peak at Summer NAMM.


Jeanne O’Keefe, Vice President, The Lippin Group

Joe Lamond, President/CEO, NAMM

Kevin Johnstone, NAMM Tradeshow Director

Lora Bodmer, Director of PR & Social Media

Mary Luehrsen, NAMM Director of Public Affairs and Govt. Relations

TLG What role does Lippin Group play at NAMM? What's the PR strategy behind such a major event/show as NAMM, as opposed to say, a single client?

Jeanne O’Keefe/The Lippin Group: At NAMM, The Lippin Group works in close coordination with NAMM’s internal PR team to help them meet their goals for media coverage designed to reach far beyond the walls of the convention center. NAMM’s mission is to make more music-makers and our mission it to invite the media to take part as an effective and positive vehicle for helping spread that word. As journalists get interested in that theme and NAMM in general, the possibilities grow from there.

There are some PR strategies for NAMM that also hold true for all clients we work with. For example, listening to their stated goals and building outreach based on those ideas; bringing new creative ideas to the equation in order to open up new opportunities for the expansion of the brand or messaging; and of course, problem-solving.

The NAMM Show itself however, is a unique event, being the largest music products and instruments trade show in all of North America. Our goals for that show include offering a variety of stories that will naturally attract new members of the media to report about NAMM and all of its activities.

We also regularly offer breaking music products/tech news and suggest trends within the industry as a whole to media in several categories (including trade, music, business and entertainment). On a practical level, we also support NAMM when the show opens by becoming the “boots on the ground” from day one. This means coordinating special media events, answering questions, escorting media to the show floor for visuals and interviews, producing live TV segments and making sure journalists get their badges quickly and easily.

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