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Interview: Doro Pesch - Heavy Metal Goddess

Author: Tricia Weight
Published: December 27, 2012 at 10:04 am

"I always do stuff from my heart. Whatever feels good and honest and balls to the wall. It can be soft, it can be hard... whatever sounds real I love.

I love to experiment with different sounds, but the main ingredient is that it's a great song. You have power, all heart and soul, that's the foundation of everything. And then you can go from there. I think every song is different. It's a huge adventure. Every song has a different story, a different feel, comes out different. It feels like... magic. That's what I go for.

And sometimes it can be totally different. I experimented too to keep it fresh and to surprise the fans. And to get something really great and unique and special." ~~Doro Pesch

I recently had a chance to chat with heavy metal rocker Doro Pesch. Doro has been a pioneer in heavy metal starting with her first band, Warlock, in Germany, in the 1980s. Doro went on from there to form the band that now bears her name. Doro released her 17th album, Raise Your Fist, on Nuclear Blast Records on November 6, 2012.

As one of the first women to play the major metal festivals like Wacken and Donington, Doro has shared stages with many other heavy metal icons over the years, but it was the support of Judas Priest, who gave Doro her first major tour--and allowed her to give up her day job--and Ronnie James Dio, who not only took her on tour during the '80s, but who also invited her on her first major U.S. tour in 2000.

Doro Pesch - Interviews from the Edge - Video

I was actually living in Landstuhl, Germany when Doro was at the height of her break out and she was on all of the music shows and the covers of magazines, my friends and I all bleached our hair and dressed in leather, we all wanted to be like Doro. It was also the rise of the big music festivals like Wacken and Donington. I asked Doro what that time was like for her.

"Actually it was a great time to witness, the beginning of heavy metal. Seeing heavy metal making it really big. And I had the great chance to tour with one of my favorite bands, my first tour was with Judas Priest in '86 which was unbelievable. And they were very, very supportive.

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