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Interview: Jacob Latimore - A Hot Teen Sensation with a Very Cool Message

Author: Tricia Weight
Published: November 09, 2011 at 8:26 am

jacob_latimore_fox_theater_atlantaAs Scream Tour: The Next Generation came roaring through Atlanta I had a chance to talk with one of the hottest new entertainers breaking on the teen music scene, Jacob Latimore.

Earlier this year Jacob made his movie debut in Vanishing on 7th Street, a role that immediately set Jacob apart from other new-comers on the scene. He followed that up with a guest appearance on the Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner TV series "Reed Between The Lines." When I asked Jacob about more up-coming projects he told me that his appearance on "Reed Between the Lines" has led to the development of his own spin-off series, "Young Man on Campus," making Jacob a bonafide triple-threat: singer, dancer and actor.

Jacob Latimore - Interviews from the Edge Backstage live interview with teen triple threat: singer, dancer, actor, Jacob Latimore during the sold out Scream Tour: The Next Generation with Mindless Behavior. Fox Theater, Atlanta.

Jacob Latimore - Nothing on Me (music video)

jacob_latimore_diggy_simmons_perform_liveAlthough the rise of this 15 year old might seem meteoric, the fact is that Jacob Latimore has been an artist in the making for many years, coming from a family deeply rooted in music history. Like Diggy Simmons, his partner on the single "Like 'Em All," Jacob shares a background steeped in creativity and a musical pioneering spirit that raises him above and beyond your average "pop star."

The message behind his first single "Like 'em All," is about accepting yourself and celebrating the things that make you different. I asked Jacob about whether he feels it's important to have a positive message in his music and he responded, "Oh yeah. Always. You always gotta reach the people who feel bad about themselves, or insecure about themselves, and I think "Like 'Em All" was just a perfect song for all the girls and I think that's why it blew up like it did."

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