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Interview: John Campbell from Lamb of God

Author: Tricia Weight
Published: January 30, 2013 at 2:33 pm

"I think in some ways we're kind of an 'every man band' in that we are dudes that could live in your town. You probably know people just like us and you probably very well could be people just like us. We just happen to be really lucky with what we do to pull down a living." — John Campbell (Lamb of god)

On January 24, 2012 Lamb of God released their seventh album, Resolution, on Epic Records. Resolution proved to be a success debuting at #3 on Billboard's Top 200 and at #1 on the Rock Charts. That kind of success should have made 2012 an incredible year for the band, however they barely got the album off the ground when everything took a turn for the worst.

Interview: Lamb of God John Campbell for @Technorati

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The band rolled through Europe and announcements were being made for what looked to be a major U.S. tour, but everything suddenly came to a screeching halt when lead singer Randy Blythe was arrested upon their arrival in the Czech Republic. He was imprisoned while awaiting charges for the death of a fan at a Lamb of God show two years prior.

randy-blythe-lamb-of-god-by-tricia-weightAlthough there are many videos from that show online, none of them suggests any ill intent or aggression on Randy's part. Still, the Czech authorities issued a Manslaughter indictment against Blythe in November for "committing intentional bodily harm resulting in death." 

The kid climbed on stage 3 times and got pushed off by security or band members--where I grew up that's called stage diving. Yeah. Normal for a metal show... until Dimebag was shot to death onstage by a fan during a show

The trial is set to begin February 4, 2013 and the media over there has already convicted him. But this seems more like another case where metal music is on trial, rather than Randy himself--just like when Judas Priest was indicted for a fan's suicide or when Marilyn Manson was blamed for Columbine. Totally bat shit crazy. The kid was pushed off stage, he ended up in the hospital with a fractured skull in a coma and died 2 weeks later--he never spoke, so there's no way to know for sure how he got injured.

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