James Corden 'Upset' at Adele's Speech Halt

Author: Adrianne M. P.
Published: February 22, 2012 at 6:19 pm

I am not too familiar with British pop music but I’ve always thought of the BRIT Awards as an equivalent to the U.S.’S Grammy Awards. Since last weekend’s triumph at the Grammy Awards, Grammy-winning British vocalist Adele have been the talk of the town in the music industry. Last night, it was Adele’s turn to take on the music industry in her home country by snagging two BRIT Awards for Best British Female Artist and the event’s highest prize, the Mastercard Best British Album of the Year.

If you were in Adele’s shoes that night, feeling happy and accomplished with the awards you’ve been presented, you would feel rather insulted and slightly angry if the host of the event decided to intervene and cut your acceptance speech short, simply because another notable artist was already set to perform. You could probably just walk away as you were told by the host or simply say something like “Excuse me, but I’m not finished.” Being Adele, she decided to flip off the suits as her response when BRIT Awards host James Corden was told to move in right after she said “thank you.”

Some hours ago, Corden revealed that he had held out as much as he can for Adele’s acceptance speech before he was signaled to cut her speech short. He also stated that it would have been better if they delayed the ITV news that night rather than sticking on to the schedule. The event itself overshadowed by this incident, robbing Adele’s crowning glory that night after accepting her prizes.

Corden called the incident “upsetting and disappointing.” He stated in an interview t Radio 5 live that “The truth is that just after Adele said ‘thank you’ people were saying ‘you have to go now’. I said ‘I can’t’.” He continued by asking how can the staff just break the winner’s triumphant moment while the staff simply said to him that he had to do it now while the entire room was already on their feet.

What’s more, after Adele was ordered by “the suits” to make way for Blur’s performance, the band’s frontman, Damon Albarn, delivered a rather lengthy acceptance speech moments earlier for the band’s outstanding contribution prize.

Corden stated that he was so upset that night and understood Adele’s reaction. He immediately spoke to the singer after her exit rather than watching Blur’s performance.


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