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Author: Carole Di Tosti.
Published: January 08, 2013 at 3:14 pm

Chris Botti (trumpet) Richie Goods (bass guitar) Billy Kilson (drums) 

Christ Botti, jazz trumpeter extraordinaire just finished his 8th year performing in NYC at the renown jazz club The Blue Note (also in Milan, Tokoyo and Nagoya, Japan). For three weeks of the year, 42 performances (two shows a day) Botti and his sterling band come to the Big Apple. The Blue Note residency is a welcome respite for Botti and band members: Guggenheim fellow and three time Grammy winner pianist/composer/arranger the phenomenal Billy Childs, Mr. Awesomess, kick-ass drummer Billy Kilson, Grammy winner and Rolling Stones vocalist  for 18 years, the amazing Lisa Fischer, virtuoso concert violinist Caroline Campbell, the youngest person to be inducted into the Pittsburgh Jazz Hall of fame, bassist, Richie Goods and versatile world renown guitarist Leonardo Amuedo.

Botti and his band tour most of the year. For him and band members this could be around 300 days with two or three day breaks between gigs in the US, a week between gigs on different continents and a few two or three week breaks before Botti and band hit the skies again in touring earnest to round out the year, ending up for the holidays and New Years Eve at the Blue Note. The trumpeter and band regulars appear to be amongst the hardest working musicians in the industry and one wonders how they hold themselves together and keep up with the infrastructure of their lives.

Taken from Tour Manager's Twitter feed; "Not bad for three days." 

One look at their touring schedule and a guided map of their continental hopping in a three day period, posted by the tour manager on Twitter and your head is spinning. It takes special performers to enjoy the hectic travel schedule on planes and buses, the forever changing hotel rooms, auditoriums and halls, the late nights and sleeping in mornings, the excitement and the electricity of charging and being recharged by adoring fans and happy, receptive audiences.

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