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Author: Vladislav Luchianov
Published: August 12, 2012 at 9:19 pm

Girls Rock RadioThe age of Internet has opened for us a lot of talents in various fields of human activity. Thanks to the new era, previously unknown people have been able to fulfill themselves and to achieve a big recognition. They all are different but they have one very important thing in common - a genuine passion for what they do. Thomas L. Forrester, the owner and General Manager of Girls Rock Radio is one of them.

This year his project marks its sixth anniversary. His big passion for music Thomas is embodied in the original project, which currently occupies a unique niche among the many other internet radio stations. But at the same time it’s very difficult for creative people to embody their projects fully. The world of music, unfortunately, is very monopolized by large corporations. The big bosses are constantly coming up with new rules that aim at increasing profits, but not to improve the quality of music or supporting new talents.

But despite all the obstacles the Girls Rock Radio continues to bring to its listeners a beautiful and true music. I talked with Thomas Forrester about his project, its development, current difficulties and future plans.

Thomas, how did the idea of creation of the Girls Rock Radio come to you?

Thomas L. Forrester: I think we have all been told in one way or another that we will find success if we follow our passion. At the time I created Girls Rock Radio, the original career path I had chosen was undergoing great stress and change due to outsourcing and other factors. I made the decision to step back and get in touch with some of my passions from earlier days.

I had always been fascinated by radio, or more precisely the technology of radio. And of course, the music. Long before the Internet, I used an FM receiver and a motorized antenna that I could point toward distant cities to eavesdrop on their musical lifestyles. Back in the day of "Underground FM Radio" and regular Top-40 FM Radio, diversity and choice were vast.

Things changed. Corporate interests all but eliminated the Underground FM stations, and it seemed playlists had become limited and flat. Terrestrial radio was losing its vibrancy. For quite a while there, we had also become distracted by the delicious and alluring marriage of music with video. The 80s will long be remembered, not only for its amazing music, but for all the music videos that held us spellbound. My crazy conspiracy theory is that "higher authorities" (whoever that means) forced MTV to move away from its music video format in order to get an entire nation away from its TV sets! But I digress.

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