Lady Gaga Triumphs at Clinton Concert

Author: Scott Finley
Published: October 17, 2011 at 5:42 am

On Saturday evening, Bill Clinton held a massive charity concert at the Hollywood Bowl, dubbed "A Decade of Difference." Hollywood's biggest and brightest gathered to honor President Clinton (who was also celebrating his 65th birthday) and the tenth anniversary of his enormously successful charity, The William J. Clinton Foundation

The evening was filled with spectacular musical performances, including Stevie Wonder, Usher, K'naan, and Bono. There were no weak links in the musical lineup. Everyone was utterly fantastic. However, Lady Gaga was far-and-away the standout performance of the evening.

Gaga emerged on stage seated atop a magnificent tree-house set, dressed in a nude tone Mugler ensemble. Beginning with an acoustic ballad version of "Born This Way" (with a "Happy Birthday" twist) Gaga then segued into the dance version of the song, during which several people in the posh front row box seats spontaneously turned into hysterical school girls at an Elvis concert. It was truly a sight to behold and it's a shame the cameras didn't pick up on it during the live feed.

She then casually informed the President that she was having "her first real Marilyn moment." Her humor was not lost on anyone in the audience. Laughter and cheers filled the Bowl. Gaga then moved on to her next song of the evening, her recent multi-platinum hit, "The Edge of Glory." As anyone familiar with the song knows, it's not particularly easy to sing. Nonetheless, Gaga danced vigorously while hitting every single note with razor precision. Meanwhile, several thousand jaws started to drop. She closed out the number with a leap onto her dance partner, followed by a dizzying twirl and sensual embrace.

Audience excitement had reached a fever pitch. Then came the crowd-favorite, Bad Romance. It was at this point that it became clear exactly what Gaga meant by her "Marilyn moment." Mid-way through her number, she strutted down what she referred to as a catwalk which led her directly to President Clinton and his family. She then got down on her knees and gave him and his wife a sensual serenade that will not soon be forgotten.

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