More Lady Gaga Secrets Revealed

Author: Scott Finley
Published: August 02, 2012 at 5:20 pm

Last week, Lady Gaga spilled the beans on all sorts of things through her social networking site,, including information related to her new album and upcoming movie role. Much of this was reported last week, but some of it still needed confirmation and thus was not reported at the time.

Thankfully, confirmation has since been received, and the news can now be shared. Furthermore, since last week’s article, the ‘Born This Way’ singer has revealed even more secrets to her fans. Take a look below at the rest of the exciting news Mother Monster has shared in the last week.

-Lady Gaga’s next album will be “less serious” than Born This Way.

-Despite her upcoming album being slated for early 2013, Gaga is still writing material for it.

-She is not planning on attending the VMAs this year. (For the record, she shared this bit of information before the nominations were revealed, and she already had European tour dates lined up that would make it quite difficult to attend.)

-On her VMA snub, Mother Monster says she is “ok with it” and that regardless of her absence, she thinks “the VMAs will be great.”

-Gaga would like her more defensive fans to refrain from bashing Madonna.

-She is quite happy with how her FAME fragrance has turned out, and feels that it is best described as a “luxury fragrance” rather than a celebrity perfume.

-The European leg of her Born This Way Ball will feature “new songs,” but it is not clear at this time whether Gaga is referring to previously unreleased material or if she is simply planning on changing the set list to include old material that was not performed while touring in Asia and Oceania.

That’s it for now, but given the rate at which Gaga has been sharing secrets, there will likely be even more news to report next week!

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