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New Music from Danika Holmes - Living Your Dream

Author: Bob Etier
Published: January 26, 2012 at 5:35 am

Danika Holmes is branching out with her new album Living Your Dream--her country-influenced pop has expanded to include bluesy (“Rainy Day Lovin’”) and Bob Dylan (“Forever Young”). While the Dylan cut was a pleasant surprise, Living Your Dream has even more to offer.

Along with a collection of upbeat love songs (“Kiss and Make Up,” “Rainy Day Lovin’), Holmes penned and sings empowering songs (“Dreams Held Hostage,” “Living Your Dream,” “Make My Own Day,” “Someone New to Forget”) about taking responsibility for one’s own life, living one’s own dreams, and determining which path to take. Even more impressive is “How to Be Beautiful,” a song that teaches girls “how to be beautiful”--“find the good in life, let your words be kind…it’s not what the mirror sees that counts but all the happiness you give out.”

Holmes’ themes are a more mature version of Taylor Swift’s: life and love may not always be fair, but it’s up to us to make ourselves happy. Songs that reflect disappointment also project a sense of “life goes on.”

Danika Holmes’ debut album was pleasant, but somewhat unseasoned. Holmes still seems fragile and vulnerable, but she incorporates those qualities with a “sadder but wiser” attitude, transitioning from sweet young thing to a woman who knows that heartbreak is just part of this crazy little thing called life. The time Holmes spent between the two albums was time well spent developing her sound and growing as an artist.

Living Your Dream will be available on CD March 6, 2012, and is currently available for digital download.


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