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Rihanna & Chris Brown Think Domestic Violence Is Fun - Page 2

Author: Lulu K. Daniels
Published: February 21, 2012 at 5:31 am

What you don't get Rihanna is that you have much more to lose than Chris. His career has already been to the bottom and he’s now the comeback kid and darling of the music industry again.

Once Chris realized that his squeaky clean image was lost forever he quickly embraced his role as villain, got tatted up and let his temper run wild and free on Twitter and on windows across America.

You, on the other hand Rihanna, you were this broken girl who talked about the abuse over and over again every time you had something to promote. The world embraced you and you launched yourself into the hearts and minds of the world, becoming their fragile, dark and twisted sweetheart and transformed yourself into the global superstar that you are today.

While Chris was labelled a thug and could barely find any artist willing to work with him you quickly rose to the top as the poor little rich girl who was hurt by the big bad black man because let's face it: Chris Brown isn't the first man in Hollywood to abuse his girlfriend. He's just the only black man to do so and get caught.

But apparently three years later all is forgiven and you two have found love again in a hopeless place leaving your young fans with the impression that in the real world abusers and their victims live happily ever after. For the record they usually end up six feet under, in jail or with deep emotional scars that cripple them for life.

So while you two thumb your noses at us, I took it upon myself to tell Miranda Lambert that you two lovebirds have patched things up so she can stop her publicity stunt/ one-woman crusade against Chris.

I mean because if you don't care, why should I?


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