Sirpaul Releases The Horse

Author: Jason Shaw
Published: April 04, 2012 at 5:41 am

As we hear hoof beats approaching from a distance, but soon close by, we start to hear the electronic music joined by SIRPAUL™’s voice, and we know we are being taken on a journey with his latest release,. That first track is “Ride” and it introduces us to the concept of The Horse, the new album from New York’s King of Electro-Pop, SIRPAUL. I was able to talk to SIRPAUL and ask him about the album's name.

“I felt that the two of the things I feared,” he answered thoughtfully, “but am strongly attracted to are falling in love and riding a horse. Both are strong and powerful, and require practice, patience and confidence. When you get thrown off you have to just get back up and try again. I’m fascinated by horses and I have learned to trust my instincts...the title came to me and I just knew it was what the album was going to be called before I even wrote the songs.”

SIRPAUL is originally from Port Jefferson, Long Island, from a close family of musically-minded people. In fact, he credits them with some of his early influences. “My parents were both musicians,” he told me proudly. “So at one point or another we all were encouraged to try our hand at music.”

“I have three sisters and one brother," he explained, "and I grew up listening to the music they exposed me to. They each had artists they listened to the most: Madonna, Prince, Stevie Nicks, George Michael, and Van Halen. You can hear all of those elements in my music. But I was OBSESSED with Cyndi Lauper. I really felt like she was the only person in the world that I could relate to at the time!“

With the opening chords of “Human Machine” I feel the music has a harder edge than his last release, Music & Me. I can feel the Punk/Rock influences of bands like Blondie. What inspired the edge?

“I’m really at a very specific place in my life right now,” he told me, “and I really feel like I’m starting to understand the side of me that is a very head strong, powerful man. The Horse is about the process of owning my strength, being unapologetic about my intense sexual energy and exploring the depths of my masculinity.”

I see that on the first single, you collaborate with Loco Ninja, a great new LGBT artist. How did that come together? “Loco’s my boy,” SIRPAUL said proudly. “Believe it or not, we never even met until after we collaborated! Someone I know tweeted about him so I checked out his music and I loved his style. He checked out my stuff and he offered to collaborate. At this point, "Body Connection" was already done but I felt like the song lends itself really well to feature a rap break so I sent him the track. I was very happy with the result.”

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