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Slayer Guitarist Kerry King Sets the Record Straight: Backstage at the Jagermeister Tour

Author: Tricia Weight
Published: October 11, 2010 at 9:02 am

In 2009, Slayer released the album World Painted Blood. In typical Slayer fashion, it was far from your typical album--it is an album that holds its mettle, and its metal, from start to finish. kerry king slayer interview tricia weightAn epic album that defies labels such as speed metal and thrash. It goes beyond genre, just an incredible album that's sure to influence future, and current, musicians, as well as music lovers.

This is not the first time that Slayer has crossed genre lines to turn mainstream music on its head, nor is it the first time they've broken the boundaries of a tight niche to influence artists from a broad spectrum of musical backgrounds. It is the awesome musicianship of each member of Slayer that makes them such a kick-ass metal band and they have each been cited to me by other bands I've interviewed as the reason that many picked up their instruments in the first place.

Slayer has been nominated for four Grammy Awards, winning twice. That's one of the subjects that we spoke about when Slayer guitarist Kerry King and I sat down backstage for a live video interview during my live concert review of the Jagermeister Fall Music Tour. We also talked about the album, World Painted Blood. Kerry informed me that two more songs were finished but not released on the album, in his words, "There's more Slayer music lurking that people aren't aware of."

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Most importantly in this video interview, Kerry King set the record straight, once and for all, on whether or not he used Dimebag Darrell's guitar, The Dean From Hell, on the album World Painted Blood. Dimebag Darrell and Kerry King are usually cited as a musical influence as though they were one entity and I guess in many ways they were. Their friendship is one that fueled both men in their musical creativity and inspired three generations of guitarists.

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