The DigiTour and Intel Present YouTube Sensation Tyler Ward

Author: James Wood
Published: November 09, 2012 at 9:53 am

Welcome to the next generation of music. One represented by the talented artists of YouTube who take their show from the comfort and safety of their own homes to cities across the country and around the world. Welcome to DigiTour.

It’s mission? To bring amazing online stars to the stage and bridge the gap between new and traditional media.

In 2010, Meridith Valiando, a music industry A&R powerhouse joined forces with multi-platinum producer Chris Rojas and founded DigiTour. The duo realized that there was an untapped pool of talent in a new media landscape and immersed themselves in it. The artists they discovered online may not have had millions dollars in record company support behind them, but what they lacked in revenue they more than made up for with legions of devoted followers.

This Fall, Tyler Ward, who’s own loyal fans lifted him to the #1 spot on Billboard Heatseeker’s chart with the release of his new EP  “Hello. Love. Heartbreak”, has joined forces with DigiTour on a twenty-eight city North American tour, presented by Intel’s Ultrabook.

I had the chance to speak with Valiando and Rojas in between stops of the current tour as they begin to gear up for 2013. I also had the opportunity to ask Ward about his experiences being part of the world’s first-ever, large-scale social media tour!

gJg: What criteria do you use to determine who to showcase on tour?

Chris Rojas (CR): There’s no one way that we use to find the talent. It’s a combination of listening to fans who Tweet us about who they’d like to see along with researching the current tide of YouTube talent. We’re always watching videos and keeping tabs. Then there are also the artists who come to us and ask to be a part of it. We’ve had all kinds of styles represented including Pop, Rock and Hip Hop acts. As the tour grows, our reach grows as well!

Meridith Valiando (MV): It’s also less about the style of music and more about the demographics. We really cater to the hard core fans. Our mission is to continue to grow and be the “Lollapalooza” of the Internet. Where we take all of the most relevant pop culture and online stars and you get to see them live with Digitour.

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