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The Treatment Lead Singer Matt Jones Discusses Touring with Kiss and Motley Crue

Author: Tricia Weight
Published: October 27, 2012 at 12:27 pm

Hot on the heels of their first U.S. tour with Kiss and Motley Crue I had a chance to chat with Matt Jones, lead singer for U.K. band The Treatment. With exactly one album under their belts, their debut This Might Hurt, released in July of this year, and with band member ages of 19 and 20, The Treatment is proving to be one of the U.K's hottest metal exports in at least a decade.

With the support of Motley Crue and Kiss as well as veteran rockers like Alice Cooper it's obvious that these five lads from Cambridge must have something special going on. One listen to This Might Hurt and it's easy to understand why they've been so widely embraced, they have a sound that incorporates the best of the arena rock bands of the '70s as well as the melodic, driving rhythms of classic glam bands like Slade and Motley Crue.

Interview Matt Jones - The Treatment (Video)

matt_jones_the_treatment_bandAnother reason for The Treatment's swift ascent is a mature-beyond-their-years attitude towards the music business and the work ethic necessary to earn a spot playing amongst veterans like Kiss and Motley Crue. They also have a deep respect for those who came before them and take advice to heart. The Treatment's manager, drummer Dhani's father, is Laurie Mansfield who has a long and respected history in UK metal as the guitarist for the bands Airrace and Roadstar amongst others and the band has put their full faith in his wisdom and guidance.

"You know, we work hard at what we do. We don't drink. We don't take drugs. We keep ourselves completely straight. At the end of the tour we'll have a big party of course, but when we're working, we're there to work.

The music business has changed now. The days of being able to go out and get drunk or get stoned and be able to get away with it aren't around anymore because the business has gotten so much smaller. If you offend the wrong person by saying something stupid when you're drunk you won't be able to get on the good shows.

We've got a real work ethic. We've had it from day one and it will be the same until the day we stop. I think that's why we've maybe got a little bit ahead of some other bands."

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