AMC Brings Out The Hilarity of Rambo

Author: Guillermo A. Fuentes
Published: April 30, 2010 at 9:15 am

 Rambo - this shit is hilarious!

While watching Breaking Bad on Sunday I couldn’t help but notice that AMC was pimping “Can’t Get Enough Rambo Week” pretty hard. This idea isn’t new for the cable-station. About two years ago they had a week dedicated to Charles Bronson and showed all 22 Death Wish movies. Other than "Shark Week," a week of Charles Bronson is the single greatest week in television.

But this is Rambo...with a twist. AMC hopes it is a HILARIOUS twist. You see, the gang over at AMC is showing the same two movies, First Blood and Rambo: First Blood II, every night at 8 and 10.

Where does the comedy come in? Well you won’t believe it but AMC added the nuttiest host to quip about Rambo before commercial breaks. The material is side-splitting.

Sure, the movies are ultimately about the troubles veterans face when returning from war but go ahead, poke fun at it. It’s not Memorial Day or anything.

So for one hilarious bit we saw what it would be like if First Blood were a sitcom. LOL!! So what they did, and this is the real genius part, was add a LAUGH-TRACK to the scene where Rambo is beaten and sprayed with a fire hose! I wish you could’ve seen it. Or even heard it. It’s like the studio audience was RIGHT THERE!

And then there were the lists. They hype the lists in the ads for Rambo Week - added incentive to watch, I suppose. I expected some semblance of effort here.  Wrong.

For about an hour between breaks, we heard about the upcoming list of Rambo’s hidden talents. The hidden talents also included video evidence. Number five was his "quick reflexes" and they show him taking on three men at once. To be clear, Rambo is a green beret who wears his dogtags. I don’t think he is hiding anything.

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