Catching Up With Danny Pudi

Author: Bryan Cain-Jackson
Published: October 16, 2012 at 12:25 am

If my articles were a talk show, I’d have this guy on as much as possible. I know that no matter how long I’m talking to Danny Pudi for, I’m sure I’ll have lose my breath from laughter by the end of the conversation.

The Community star has just completed shooting a new film and a campaign for Speed Stick that is just as hilarious as he is.

We caught up for a few short minutes on the phone about two weeks ago.

Bryan: How have you been? The last time I talked to you, you were going through security at the airport and we had to cut it short.

Danny: I’ve been good, Bryan – thanks. No one’s frisking me right now, but I’m in a similar place. I’ve been traveling a lot, working on this Speed Stick thing, shooting Community and I have babies – so, I do still feel like I’m in a security line.

Bryan: How did the movie shoot go? I think when we last talked you were headed somewhere abroad.

Danny: When I last talked to you, I was heading to Luxemburg. It was great, it was my first international production and it was a comedy. So, for me it was a learning experience seeing how comedy translates to different cultures. There were some things that worked – I do know that belching and farting works there as well.

Bryan: Those will never fall out of praise with audiences anywhere, maybe with critics. Did you get a chance to enjoy yourself?

Danny: It was kind of challenging, at the time my wife had just had the babies – so, going back and forth was a challenge but it was definitely a fun time.

Bryan: Congratulations on Community getting picked up for another season. I heard they shortened the number of episodes though, right?

Danny: We have 13 episodes; we’re operating as though we’re going to keep going. At the same time, we kind of know…

Bryan: Yes, I know what you mean. We all know how the networks treat shows when they get moved to Friday night.

Danny: Well, hopefully they’re thinking along the lines that it will lessen the expectations of our numbers.

Here’s hoping that Community goes on – it’s one of NBC’s better sitcoms.

The #HandleIt with Speed Stick promotion was a funny campaign in which Danny participated. There were some hilarious submissions, and there was a winner.

The campaign looked for some of the most awkward moments caught on video. To see the winner, check it out here.

See Danny in Community on NBC, Friday nights.


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