First Betty White, Now Carol Burnett For SNL Hosting Gig?

Author: Dawn Olsen
Published: May 10, 2010 at 7:46 pm

 Carol Burnett

God bless the queens of comedy! It's high time they get their due.
After Betty White, all 88-years of her, killed it this past weekend hosting on Saturday Night Live, there's a new Facebook campaign in the works: Carol Burnett.

I can get totally behind this idea. Carol Burnett has been a fixture of funny for decades, and at age 77, she has plenty of life left in her.  As the CNN article states, Burnett's a sketch comedy genius with a depth of experience. Like White, Carol has mastered the unique art of being lewd, but with the right hint of modesty that made both women popular with audiences for years.  

It's really a testament of the times that our culture has both an appreciation and an affinity for female performers who aren't just well beyond being senior citizens, but are also a bit outrageous.  I remember as a kid watching The Carol Burnett Show and the perversely hilarious Mama's Family and really appreciating being able to identify with this talented, fellow red-head!  Perhaps my favorite Burnett role was her genius portrayal of Miss Hannigan in Annie — she really is a brilliant actress beneath all that hot ginger mess!

Carol, like Betty, has continued to work all these years in show business, breaking both age and gender stereotypes. In the past couple of years, Carol  received critical acclaim for her performance, including an Emmy nomination for guest appearance on Law and Order in 2009, and lent her voice to Horton Hears A Who! in 2008.  

I smell an epic win here Lorne Michaels - so let's step up and get this thing done!


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