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How MTV Axes Its Shows: Quietly

Author: Stephen Victor
Published: October 09, 2012 at 5:20 pm

Failed television shows are nothing new. In fact, they are expected, and we all feel the pain when some of our favorites get canned way before their time. In recent weeks, however, I've noticed a pattern that has seemingly always been for one particular network. My former beloved MTV, the hangout from my teen years where I queened out to TRL, Diary and Making the Video, is rather silent and passive when it axes its lower rated programs.

It actually takes some proactive searching to see what became of newer causalities. The recently departed includes Wake Brothers (MTV) and Headbangers Ball (MTV2), but I'm only going to explore Wake Brothers given how its cancellation was handled even worse than The Ball. After moving to a Monday 11PM ET time slot a few weeks back to compliment other guy-centric programs Ridiculousness and The In-Betweeners, something went awry. A two-episode release was due on 10/1/12, but only a Guy Code rerun (MTV2) appeared. The week after, even following an official Facebook post promoting the return, the two episodes were absent again. Fans were none too pleased judging by the comments.

I was curious, so I checked out MTV.com and found a note on picture #1 of the show page's photo slider. It appears as such:


HA. Really, MTV? 2AM? Let me count the ways how this is wrong.

  1. That time actually makes the finale fall on a Saturday, not a Friday.
  2. A newer Facebook post from MTV on 10/8/12 said otherwise, that the two-episode installment (billed as the finale), would air this Friday, not the following week as MTV.com tells it. The 2AM ET time slot was still in effect, and the official TV schedule page confirms both the "correct" date and time (bringing us to #3).
  3.  This Friday (10/12/12) at 2AM really means Saturday, 10/13/12.

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