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Learn How To Broadcast A Newscast Via Google Hangout

Author: Kim Beasley
Published: September 12, 2011 at 7:56 am

Sarah Hill - Emmy Award Winning NewscasterWhat would you think if you heard that a newscast had special guests from Canada, France, Australia, US, and other countries, all on one show? And all of these people were in the same room at the same time on live TV? Well, eight-time Emmy award winning reporter Sarah Hill is doing just that with her new show "U on TV".

You might wonder how she is able to bring all of these people together. The technology that she's using is Google Hangouts which is a component of Google Plus (G+) along with her regular TV newscast. Basically, she starts a hangout before her newscast begins, then she invites specific people to join her behind the scene of her newscast.

On September 12 at 4pm CST, she will be having her inaugural show for "U on TV" with her international special guest. The best news of all, you will be able to watch the show live by visiting KOMU 8 Live Stream webpage. Just click here to watch. Just to let you know, each person who joins her hangout, does so from their office, living room, kitchen, or wherever they choose to connect via G+.

To ensure that the show and hangouts flow smoothly with this groundbreaking technology. Sarah has an expert support team. To help you better understand how everything works, let's hear from them as they share their unique view into the world of "U on TV":

  • Lindsey Tyler (Director) - If you would have told me last year that I would soon be directing a show every day with ten live guests from around the world, I would have said you were crazy!  Preparing for this show has been an insane ride.  It is crazy to see what we have done so far, and so exciting to see where we will go next. I owe so much thanks to all of the creative minds that had to work together to get the ball rolling. We couldn't have done this without help from the production, news, creative services, and engineering departments.  I am thrilled for the future of U_News and to be able to be apart of this history
  • Jennifer Reeves (Interactive Director) - KOMU 8 is finding every possible way to reach out into our community and connect. The use of social media is growing so rapidly, we knew it would be important to take advantage of these tools and incorporate them into our newscasts. Not only are we encouraging people to use the social media tools they know, we're hoping to encourage other people in mid-Missouri to expand their comfort zone. KOMU 8 is partnering with area libraries to install webcams so anyone can join in on sharing content. The project is thanks to a grant from the Reynolds Journalism Institute. KOMU 8 has had success during breaking news and severe weather when it comes to using social media and sharing it into our broadcasts. I'm really excited to see how we're able to keep these connections going even on ordinary days!
  • Nathan Higgins (Producer) - We will cover any and every topic. On a day to day basis, we might honestly not know what we'll cover because we want our viewers to drive the content and the discussion. As for specific segments, we'll have a Red Carpet Report for entertainment news, a U_News sports update, a look at local newspapers around the area, viewer photos and videos, and a viral video segment. Viewers can hangout with us and appear on live TV or they can write on our Facebook page or tweet with the hashtag #UonTV. We are working on getting a system where we can almost instantly put posts and tweets on air. We want this to be a conversation. Putting their comments on live television will allow people to interact with us and other viewers.

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