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Squrl Video Search App Unveils Live Streaming Channels

Author: Dr Laserfalcon
Published: November 29, 2012 at 5:14 pm

Squrl, a powerful iOS video search app, released a lineup of live streaming video today that users can watch alongside their favorite short form videos. The lineup includes Huffington Post Live, PressTV and This Week in Tech and can be found in the 'Live' tab in the Squrl main menu. Bloomberg TV and Russia Today also reside in Squrl's live video channel along with France 24, Home Shopping Network, NASA TV, The Young Turks Live Stream, Fashion TV Direct!, HMall Korea, and Al Jazeera.

The Live channel will be hand-curated to include web coverage of breaking events in news and tech. While in beta, Squrl hosted live streams of News 4 NY’s Hurricane Sandy coverage as well as ABC, CBS, and the Wall Street Journal's streams of the 2012 presidential election. Future streams will include live concerts, sports and other events available through Pay-Per-View.

Squrl adds live television to what is already a deeply personalized app experience. People choose their favorite channels from a selection of Comedy, Entertainment, Technology and YouTube-themed playlists. They then engage with Squrl's recommendation engine, which uses a social intelligence algorithm to predict what videos they might want to watch next. The personalization has paid off, with Squrl boasting a phenomenally high average session time of over one hour. Users who come back to Squrl ask it for recommendations after an initial learning experience with an average 50% longer session time on those follow up visits. Squrl return visitor rate ranks among the top tier across all Entertainment apps showing it is a compelling app for iOS fans.

For instant access to breaking video, the What’s Hot channel gives users an immediate bird's-eye-view of the viral video landscape. There, casual viewers and insiders alike can find reams of Gangnam Style remixes, Iron Man III trailers, or absorb episodes of Glee with their Hulu subscription. Pressing and holding the thumbnail of the video they’ve just watched reveals Squrl’s share icons. With a second tap, they can beam the videos to friends and co-workers via Facebook, Twitter, email, or within Squrl's own friend network.

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