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The TV Czar's Emmy Ballot: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Author: Adam Newland
Published: July 08, 2012 at 10:39 am

For some crazy reason, the Academy refuses to give me an Emmy ballot. Seems preposterous to me, but I suppose I have to accept their decision.  Since they won't let me have my say, I've decided to submit my personal Emmy ballots via Technorati. The series will cover my ballots for the major Emmy awards leading up to the actual nominations on July 19.

Ty Burrell- I’ve never been the biggest Phil Dunphy fan, but what he did this year was worthy of a nomination.  In a season that was creatively poor for Modern Family, Burrell was often asked to carry the day with his dopey sincerity.  Much to my surprise, he really delivered.  He had his typical funny moments, but he also handled the emotional beats really well when going through different crises with two daughters.  In a subpar season, Phil Dunphy was the emotional center of the show.  Then again, moments like this one will never hurt your Emmy chances.

Nick Offerman- The fact that the Academy has yet to honor the man that plays Ron Swanson is a complete travesty.  Parks and Recreation is no virgin when it comes to the nomination process, so it does not compute that there hasn’t been any Emmy love for Offerman.  This problem needs to be rectified ASAP.  It was another sterling season for Offerman filled with hilarious moments throughout.  From stories of his childhood work in the tannery to his fundraising prowess, Ron Swanson never failed to disappoint.

Max Greenfield- When New Girl started its run, it was all about Zooey Deschanel.  She was expected to carry a cast of nobodies to stardom.  Something funny happened along the way: Some of the supporting characters started to add more to the show.  No one put in more than Max Greenfield as Schmidt.  He was exceptional the entire way through the season.  His relationship with CeCe was particularly inspired work.  He took a show that was supposed to be a star vehicle for Deschanel and made it into more of an ensemble piece.  He deserves to be rewarded for it.

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