Top 10 TV shows on Twitter: 28 Oct - 3 Nov

Author: Jeff Barrett
Published: November 05, 2013 at 3:51 pm

Twitter may save live television. The timing could never be better. Networks are looking to bring back live viewers, advertisers are looking to quantify social media engagement and Twitter is looking to create revenue leading up to their IPO. With this in mind, Nielsen's new Twitter TV Ratings are becoming more and more important.

The Walking Dead and AMC own the top spot on Twitter. No surprise there. AMC, with Talking Dead and second screen experiences, is a leader in driving live viewership. Of course, it also requires a buzzworthy show to make it work. 

Scandal, American Horror Story: Coven and Saturday Night Live are not surprises either. They are all consistent members on the list.

There are two key surprises this week. The X Factor surpassed The Voice, doubling it in impressions while being the most tweeted show this week. Typically The Voice wins this battle so it will be interesting to see if this becomes a trend.

Also, ESPN made the list but not for the show you would think. Neither Monday Night Football or NBC's Sunday Night Football made the list this week. ESPN cracked the Top 10 with a special announcing baseball's 2013 Gold Glove winners. 

For those that think baseball has an aging fan base, think again. Their ratings were up this year and they outperformed football this week with an award show among younger viewers. Football is still king but don't sleep on young people engaging with baseball. 


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