X-Factor, One Source Talent Deliver Country Winner

Author: David Goehst
Published: December 23, 2012 at 2:33 pm

X-Factor 2012 WinnerThirty seven year old Missourian Tate Stevens, country to the bone and looking to uproot younger talent along his personal adventure to victory, did just that in grand fashion, reports CNN Entertainment and their source, Entertainment Weekly.

Making it through rough judges, electrifying crowds of cheering fans while winning the coveted $5 million dollar recording contract encompassed a season filled with off-camera theatrics surrounding judges.  All this thanks to fans and mainstream media taking full charges at Simon, recently involving himself with Carmen Elektra.

Of course, on Stevens’ winning night, all personal dramatics became arbitrary as congratulatory exchanges filled the nighttime airwaves.

Over 35 million votes, performances by One Direction and Pitbull and several memorable Grinch faces later, America elected perhaps not only a fitting talent, but a much deserved talent in Stevens. Consistently on-point with his performances yet remaining completely honest all season long perhaps propelled this country bumpkin, now poised to create records depicting life around his country-stocked roots. 

Free Pepsi, instant stardom, perhaps respect from X-Factor judges, perhaps make his winning performance even better than just receiving $5 million, television appearances along with concert openings.

It all started with recruitment from One Source Talent, the popularized talent scouting and booking agency responsible for numerous stardom appearances.

Talent Pool For X-Factor And Beyond

Booking talent with Dave Navarro, MTV and other national television shows like X-Factor have really brought this company to light.  With twelve locations around the nation and two more coming soon, OST has become the dipping pool of national talent, while providing such acts as Tate Stevens for the world to see.  New talent is always being sought, and segmenting where this talent winds up depends on specific casting calls, yet is all but guaranteed to hit national television spotlights.

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