Esri: Developers discover it’s easy to go ‘geo’ at #esriuc2014

Esri: Developers discover it’s easy to go ‘geo’ at #esriuc2014

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When your app needs location, not just any map will do

Every developer has a good reason for working with ArcGIS for Developers from Esri. It may be to build a custom app that lets people know when they’re near a store that sells their favorite energy drink, or a rideshare dashboard that helps cities promote bus schedules and bike paths. Basically, anyone who wants to add location to an app or solution has probably heard that Esri is the first name in geospatial development.

Esri, a mainstay in the realm of high-tech mapping, is reaching out to  mobile app builders with its ArcGIS for Developers. This isn’t really a new approach. Developers have always been an important part of Esri. Actually, Esri was one of the original start-ups, started 40-some years ago by a small team of people who shared a vision and the passion to see it through.

Dr. Roger F. Tomlinson, Esri, 1967 (Credit: Andrew Zolnai)

But today, what sets Esri apart from other mapping providers is powerful analytics, flexible terms of use, ready-to-use content, rich geospatial capabilities, and broad API/SDK support. Add to that sample code and good vibrations from the Esri community, and you have what you need to build location-aware native and browser apps.


Technorati is proud to have Managing Editor Andre Bourque and contributing writer Shawn Gordon covering the Ersi User Conference 2014 this week, in San Diego. And, anyone can try ArcGIS for Developers for free. This includes access to Esri’s cloud services, online data hosting, and content. Just visit and join the ranks of these delighted users.

“If you actually want to create something, create value, change behavior, but also make a new tool, you do it with Esri. They have the technology to do it, more so than any other company in the world. And, if you have an idea, if you want to understand something better, you’re dealing with the Esri culture.”Jeffrey Chernick, Cofounder of Ride Amigos

“Esri was extremely responsive and good with our developers when we had questions. While we found a few things very attractive, including the fact that it was reasonably priced and easy to use, behind it all, it was a very well-designed product.”John Tomizuka, Chief Architect for Taqtile

“Our new uKnowLocate features make the uKnowKids service even more useful for parents and will help to give them even greater peace of mind as their children grow to be independent users of technology.”Steve Woda, President and CEO of

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