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ExactTarget’s #ET13 Day 3: Lead from within

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ET Connections 2013 - Day Three

“Leadership is sometimes finding leadership qualities in others.”Dr. Condoleezza Rice

Thursday was the final day of ExactTarget’s Connections conference. The event’s theme was: Lead from Within. Product announcements, keynotes, and customer success stories revolved around this theme.
“Marketers have never been in a better position to lead a transformation in business by connecting their company with their customer in entirely new ways,” said Scott Dorsey, chief executive officer of ExactTarget and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. “Built around our theme of Lead from Within, we provided an unprecedented number of new innovations, inspiration and education to empower marketers and create the next generation of Customer Companies.”
Day three of Connections featured a 3-in-1 talk with three founders of Salesforce.com’s latest acquisitions: Radian 6, Buddy Media, and the company’s social media ad management product, Social.com. Moderated by Scott McCorkle, President, Technology and strategy for ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, the session offers a great overview of three powerful tools live and in action.
The group made these points:
Marcel Le Brun – Radian6
“We need to help companies analyze how ideas flow.”
“You want customers to know that their ideas matter to you.”
Mike Lazerow – Buddy Media
“Figure out how you can take your customer on a journey.”
“Build not just systems of record, but systems of engagement and content.”
Peter Goodman – Social.com
“We are starting to see through the window to automated advertising.”
“Social has changed digital advertising. Now you can reach people based on identity. Social advertising is based on who you are, as opposed to a banners ads based on cookies, which is just where you’ve been on the web.”


On of the day’s actionable talks came from B2B industrial equipment giant, Caterpillar. Kevin Espinosa, Caterpillar’s Social Media Manager, has led the company to become a top-ranked social player.
“We work with our individual business units to identify business goals and we create story themes to support their strategy.”
On social: “You’re really trying to take the human experience into the digital world.”
You can catch the session replay here.
ExactTarget likes to save a little bit of the very best for last. Rounding out the event, former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice encouraged leadership driven by optimism, integrity, and strength in her closing keynote.
“You can never ask others to do things that you would not do…that is the essence of integrity.”
“This ability to mobilize human potential is our greatest strength.”


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