If you’re in the publishing world, you’ve certainly heard the news floating around that Facebook wants you to post your content straight to their platform.

Specifically, it boils down to publishing pages directly accessible through Facebook’s mobile application, thus allowing the social network’s users to access that content without leaving the app.

No more referrals via mobile.

David Carr of the New York Times reports that the workflow would be for “publishers to simply send pages to Facebook that would live inside the social network’s mobile app and be hosted by its servers; that way, they would load quickly with ads that Facebook sells.”

Did you catch that last part?

With ads that Facebook sells.

Yes, publishers, not your ads. The revenue from those ads would be shared with the publisher, although details of the split are yet to be fully determined. So there’s that to be considered.

“They’re very important to our business from a distribution standpoint, but moving your content off to another site without a very clear value exchange is very risky … you’re now making them into a content company rather than a distributor. And that makes them become a competitor,” CEO of Digital Content Next Jason Kint told Digiday.

But what about data?

Next would be the ownership of the audience data. That would be lost to publishers, and belong to Facebook.

“It’s like handing over the keys to all the things digital publishers are good at. We’d lose visibility of our usage and visibility of our audience,” News UK CMO Chris Duncan told Business Insider.

Facebook is starting with the big dogs in publishing, reports the Times, but eventually they’ll be coming after publishers of all sizes.

Make sure you know what’s at stake when you decide whether or not to give your highly-valued content to another platform.

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