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How to get started reskinning mobile apps

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CEO and co-founder of app marketplace, Chupamobile, gives his advice

Are you looking for an affordable way to start building apps?

Do you want to get started reskinning apps?

Well today’s guest is Stefano Argiolas, the CEO and co-founder of Chupamobile, and he talks about the two categories that he’s seen apps have success. Also, if you are thinking about starting a marketplace of your own, listen to his story of the early days of Chupamobile and how they decided to become a marketplace for app source codes.

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In this interview you’ll hear:

  • What category should a beginner be starting with,
  • What we may be doing wrong why our apps are not monetizing,
  • Investing in reskinning and his opinion about the negative buzz about app flipping,
  • Aside from games, other categories with high probability to top the charts that we should set our eyes on,
  • How Stefano found developers and the messaging he used to convince them to bring their source codes onto the platform, and
  • The strategies he used to reach big brands and get them to buy their templates.


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