Handling that fraud and the growth of ad-tech

Handling that fraud and the growth of ad-tech

In the world of online advertising, buzzwords like transparency and fraud are top of mind for both marketers and publishers.

Those marketers are continuing to increase their spending on programmatic ad buying, while publishers are  trying to ensure that their traffic is high-quality and highly desirable.

These two headlines this week illustrated those points, as everyone from advertisers to ad-tech companies to publishers are looking to curtail fraud all around.

But they’re not necessarily talking about paying to promote your content, which is a totally different thing …

Also this week, as programmatic buying continues to be on the rise, more resources are going into turning video the next big-time playground. Click through to that first headline to see how much video spending has increased in the past year.

Lastly, when it comes to ‘ad tech’ companies, it seems many of them are growing up and really starting to get into the technology business.