How you can monetize your existing video content

How you can monetize your existing video content


Coull Video Monetization Content for Bloggers

Recently, Technorati contributor Murray Newlands had the chance to interview Michael Cole from Coull, a video content monetization network.

In the interview, Michael talks about the services that Coull’s platform provides for publishers.  Specifically, about how the company is able to scan your existing video content and automatically overlays relevant ads inside those videos. The overlaid ad is a small 300×50 display unit, so it generates revenue without interrupting the viewing experience.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

These are some key takeaways from the video:
  • Coull recommends using more videos inside of your content to further engage your readers, while adding new source of advertising.  YouTube makes it painless to start embedding video content, even if you didn’t create the content yourself.
  • Coull provides a unique service in that they do not require you to add new video content, rather, they focus on monetizing the existing video content on your site. After Coull has scanned the video content on your page, they place a relevant ad overlay inside of your video which helps monetize your content.
  • When you are embedding your YouTube video content on your website, Coull detects the category information, studies the video’s content, and matches it with a relevant ad from one of their advertisers.
  • In order to take advantage of Coull’s platform, all you have to do is embed a code inside of your website’s HTML, and Coull handles everything else.
  • Coull’s ad unit doesn’t interfere with any of your existing advertising, providing you with more revenue, without making sacrifices.


This post written by guest contributor Murray Newlands.

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