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By -‘s mission is to collect the best of the web’s most thought-provoking creativity — design, architecture, art and even the best of branding. The result is an assemblage of mesmerizing posts that are sure to keep you, well … indulged, for as long as you see fit.

Taking his turn in the Publisher Spotlight is Indulgd publisher Eric; check out his perspective on what it’s like to be a site publisher.

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Publisher Name: Eric E.

Site Name:

Site Mission: Curating the creative.

The thing I’m most proud of about this site: The feedback I get from users about the content as well as the love the site gets via social media.

An example of recent success: In November 2013, I was fortunate enough to experience the effects of my website going viral. Overnight, an article that I had published titled 26 of The Most Thought Provoking Photos of All Time sparked curiosity and interest online and was shared over 280,000 times. The momentum driven from that post alone impacted other posts and in turn, made another one of my posts, 36 Realistically Colorized Historical Photos Make The Past Seem Incredibly Real, attain over 445,000 likes.

Site feature I wish more people knew about: None right now…still changing the theme around.

The biggest challenge I’ve overcome: Dealing with server issues when the site went viral as well as putting together a team of writers.

The biggest challenge I still face daily: Ensuring that my content is relevant, unique, interesting and as appealing as possible.

One piece of advice for a new publisher: For a new publisher it is important to realize that you don’t always have to work with one advertising network. It is important to monetize all page impressions and use ad serving platforms such as Google’s DFP to ensure that you are getting the highest CPMs at all times.

How advertising helps me be a successful publisher: Advertising is a great way to compliment your efforts as a writer. It is nice to be rewarded for the time you spent curating and writing new content. Advertising is a way to fund your business as well as ensure you have a source of revenue to build up a great team of people. Working with a great team like Technorati not only ensures I get the most money for my impressions but also provided great suggestions and advice to ensure that my site was on the forefront of new advertising technology.

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